• Speed: 0.05 mt/ ps. to 1 mt/ ps.
  • Capacity: 500 kg to 10,000 k
  • Car Finish: MS Powder Coated Finish Car | Stainless Steel Hair line Finish Car.
  • Type of Door : Vertical Auto Door | Telescopic Auto Doors | Bai-Parting Autodoor.
  • Doors Finish : M.S. Powder Coated Auto-door | Stainless Steel Hairline Finish Auto Door
  • Switch Panels Button : Surface Micro Electro Button
  • Switch Panels Display : Seven Segment Digital LED Display | Digital Dot Matrix Display.


This series of elevators is designed to provide reliable vertical transportation, energy efficiency, faster travel, and increased uptime. These lifts are used to transport a wide range of materials, such as raw materials and finished goods, in a variety of environments. We can provide lifts for both safe and hazardous situations that require Flame Proof Elevators. The Mighty series includes numerous features and options for both the interiors and various fixtures, resulting in better performance. This series includes high-quality parts that extend the life of the machine and decrease downtime. These are widely utilised in a variety of sectors and for a variety of other purposes.

Goods for Professional Elevators Lift provides a powerful hoisting machine, durability to withstand severe handling, a smooth ride to handle delicate goods, levelling accuracy for quick loading and unloading, and wide doors to maximise in-car capacity.