• Speed: 0.32 to 1. Meter Per Second
  • Capacity: 15 to 30 Passenger
  • Car Finish: MS Powder Coated Car | Stainless Steel Hair Line Finish Car | Steel Designed & S.S Hair Line Finish Car
  • Type of Door : M.S. Swing Manual Door | Center-Opening Auto Door | Telescopic Auto Door.
  • Doors Finish : M.S. Swing Manual Door | M.S. Collapsible/ lmperforated Manual Door | M.S. Powder Coated Autodoor | Glass With Stainless Framed Finish Auto Door. x
  • Switch Panels Button : Surface Micro Electro Button | Touch Button.
  • Switch Panels Display : Seven Segment Digital LED Display | Digital Dot Matrix Display | LCD Display.


Install service is the prerequisite of healthcare industries. By offering excellent services, WERNEL LIFTS has achieved the paramount place in the service industries. Wernel’s bed and stretcher elevators series follow persistent compassionate thinking, By applying destination control and group control mechanism, Wernel’s fulfils the intellectual elevator travel and reduces the patient’s waiting period to minimum extent.