• Speed: 0.63 to 1. Meter Per Second
  • Capacity: 04 to 30 Passenger | MS Powder Coated Car
  • Car Finish: Stainless Steel Hair Line Finish Car | Steel Designed & Steel Hair line Finish Car | Steel Mirror & Stainless Steel Hair line Finish Car
  • Doors Finish: MS Swing Manual Doors | MS Collapsible Manual Doors | Wooden Swing Manual Doors
  • Switch Panels Button : Surface Micro Electro Button
  • Switch Panels Display : Seven Segment Digital LED Display | Digital Dot Matrix Display.

Passenger Lift [Auto Door]

The lift vehicle in a passenger lift is totally enclosed and travels vertically within a properly designed lift shaft. Passengers are moved between floors at a reasonable speed, and the control systems are frequently intended to distribute passengers across the building cost-effectively.

Hospital emergency (code blue), front and rear entrances, a television in high-rise buildings, double-decker, and other purposes are all possible with passenger elevators. Cars’ interiors can be opulent, they can have audio visual advertising, and they can have specialised recorded voice announcements.

All of our passenger lifts have VF drives for both the main and door motors, as well as microprocessor-based control screens, a full-height light curtain, and specifically machined imported T-guides. Overload warning, floor announciators, LCD display, press & talk intercom, and other add-ons are available as options. We create elevators that are specifically tailored to your needs. Our team members are always willing to assist you in meeting your design goals. By delivering exceptional customer service, we take delight in assisting you in planning and executing successful projects.